Brian is the best attorney I could've imagined as representation for my custody case. As a client with no previous knowledge of the legal system, Brian's expertise and experience was incredibly valuable and made the otherwise emotional process as smooth and straightforward as possible. He consistently asked for my preferences, kept me informed on any and all progress in my case, and always let me know what to realistically expect as possible outcomes. Brian was very efficient as he guided me through the process, never wanting to present an argument that could not be won.

His insight with Idaho law, as well as the judges and other attorneys gave me the assurance that my case was in the best, and most qualified hands. In addition to helping make sense of the legal process, Brian helped illustrate how potential arrangements would apply to life after court.

Brian's attention to detail was immaculate. He was thorough in addressing not only my immediate concerns, but also any potential issues in the future. Brian made it evident that he truly cared about my case and diligently fought for my child's best interest. I cannot express enough praise for all of Brian's hard work and will most definitely utilize and recommend his services in the future. Sam
Thorough, Agressive, and Considerate - The Best Attorney in Idaho
I sent Brian Donesley an email and voice mail on a Friday night. He responded on Monday, apologizing for not getting back with me over the weekend! That set the tone for our conversation. While my situation didn't result in a formal partnership, I was so thoroughly impressed with his sincere follow through, in a very timely manner! He cared, asked thoughtful questions, gave me some very helpful insight and direction. I can only imagine how many calls and emails he receives and to take the time to reply in a very professional and thoughtful manner, when there was not a "pay off" for him, was thoroughly impressive and much appreciated! Client
Thoughtful and Professional!
Bryan's vast knowledge base and extreme attention to detail produced exceptional results. I never left a phone call or a meeting with Brian without feeling entirely confident.

There is no hesitation in my recommendation of this fine and capable lawyer. Andrew
Persistently exceeded expectations
I have been working with Brian for several years now. Unfortunately, the business I am in, comes with regular need for legal representation and review of legal documents. Brian has been a instrumental part of our success as a company. He is also firm and straight forward in his communication style, which has been extremely useful in a world of "yes men". Brian does not hesitate to tell me his insight, share his personal experience and guide me through difficult decisions. Benjamin
Great representation for my company and personal matters.
He addressed our problem with knowledge & concern. He kept us informed every step of the way.
He went with us when we had to meet with the company concerning our dispute. Since he won for us, that indicates he knew what he was doing and he did it well & professionally. Colleen
President of Lakewood HOA #2