DUI Costs of Legal Help

Brian Donesley charges fees that are similar to other attorneys in the area and less than some with less experience. Fees are always negotiable. Fees are usually required paid in full or substantial part up front. Shown below is a general statement of costs involved:

All cases need a careful review after obtaining all the evidence from the police and the prosecutor. Then the case is gone over with the client. There are often videos, audio, police reports and lab test information.

If there is no reasonable defense apparent (wrongful stop, search, incorrect testing) advice may be to negotiate the best deal possible and enter a plea of guilty and get sentenced. At that point, we will walk our client through the process of plea, sentence, arranging alternative service in lieu of jail, setting up probation and getting going on the treatment ordered (usually classes online).

If there is a possible defense, the client is advised as to the likelihood of success and the costs for bringing motions, filing affidavits and briefs, and doing hearings. A motion to suppress can cost $2500 to $3500, while the first DUI with a plea and sentence at the first scheduled pretrial conference is $2000. The time involved exceeds the hourly rate of this office almost always. The agreement for representation shall be honored, unless changes are negotiated.

Excessive DUI or second DUI retainer is typically $2500. There is at least one additional hearing involved.

Felony DUI cost up front is $5000, unless negotiated otherwise. Third and felony DUIs are subject to negotiation for attorney fees. Please call to discuss. Felonies are quite a bit more involved. The case is transferred to district court from the magistrate upon a finding of cause. The consequences are of much greater concern and take more work to get a good result.

Please keep in mind that fines and court costs are incurred, along with costs of alcohol/drug evaluation (about $200) and court ordered treatment (depends on what is ordered) in addition to costs of legal help.